Who We Are

We are a specialized company in the field of food investment, founded in 2015. Over the past half-decade, we have excelled and elevated our creative efforts. We invest in the food & beverage sector with prominent brand names, overseeing their growth and operation to become leaders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Our company has experienced significant growth, thanks to the exceptional team that has demonstrated excellence in management and extensive expertise in the sector. This has positioned us as a distinctive presence in the restaurant and cafe market.

Our Mission

Our motto is to promote development and creativity in the F&B industry by investing  strategically in promising brands and equipping them to maximize their potential.

We are committed to boosting excellence and value creation in the F&B segment by offering carefully selected strategic investments that promote innovation, sustainability, and consumer satisfaction.

We envision ourselves as a triggerer for fruitful change and long-term development of the F&B sector, providing customers with quality services and ensuring the establishment of a creative atmosphere.

Fundamentally, we pledge to contribute to the progress of F&B brands with intelligent investment approaches, operational excellence, and consistent support, creating a vibrant and dynamic business community.

Our mission is to be a preferred partner for the daring F&B entrepreneurs, giving not only financial support but also strategic assistance and management resources to release their potential and sustain a long-term success.

Our Vission

Our goal is to become the strongest investment company that will reshape F&B industry due to its reliability, innovation and sustainable growth.

We envision a future where our strategic investment in F&B brands will result in an eclectic marketplace with innovation, quality, and consumer-oriented offerings

Our vision is to create a portfolio of world-renowned F&B brands, which not only nurture consumers’ senses but also take the lead in terms of quality, sustainability as well as social responsibility.

The aim of our company is to create long-term value for our investors, portfolio companies, and the wider F&B ecosystem through promoting a culture of collaboration, innovation, and responsible business practices.

We have a vision to spearhead transformation in F&B industry via encouraging innovation, diversity, and sustainability, bringing in added value to all stakeholders and enriching the consumers life globally.

Our Products


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