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“The Most Delicious Shawarma in the World”

With these words, customers of the brand and its enthusiasts describe the taste of shawarma that is offered with the finest fresh meat and distinctive locally baked bread. Since 2014, when the journey first began in the city of Al Khobar, Hlayel has continued to provide a unique taste with the same expected quality and exceptional attention to the finest details of delight.

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Atheel Food and Beverage Group is a leading company in providing quality special- ized bakeries and integrated pastries with professional catering solutions.
We supply and deliver our products to individuals, homes, institutions, companies, cafes, and catering companies to meet the personal and commercial needs of our customers, regardless of the quantity.
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In a world where everyone is racing to stand out with their own unique experiences, Ray’s Pizza brings you back to the world of companionship. Whether it’s your family, friends, or loved ones, Ray’s Pizza gathers you with its most delicious products for enjoyable company. Even if you’re alone, Ray’s Pizza accompanies you with a taste that melts in your mouth, carrying with it a lot of memories.
We offer a unique product created by skilled experts who can deliver the pleasure of taste for any occasion.
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Pizza restaurants offer similar Flavors, but what sets CAB Pizza apart is the attention to detail. CAB Pizza achieves perfection in the exquisite taste hidden in the ingredi- ent details, combined with the ideal thickness of the pizza, giving it that distinctive crispiness. The delicious toppings convey you to the home of pizza in Naples, Italy, while also giving you a taste of New York, all in one amazing culinary adventure.
The quality of products with broader coverage is the goal of CAB Pizza, and its team’s performance brings together the comprehensive meaning that represents CAB Pizza.
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Segafredo Zanetti – the world-famous brand – offers unique quality everywhere. An Italian coffee company dedicated to coffee and present in more than 100 countries around the world, Segafredo Zanetti controls the entire coffee supply chain from raw coffee bean sources to blending and roasting, to global distribution, ensuring exceptional quality in every cup. Segafredo Zanetti’s mission is to share the passion.
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Inspiring Pastries is a growing giant in the field of innovative, high-quality baked goods development. We began our journey at the beginning of 2019 with a daily production of no more than 300 products. We have achieved production efficiency exceeding 25,000 products daily.We aim to cover the vast Eastern region, north and south alike.
We successfully penetrated Riyadh F&B Market , the capital of excellence and the land of giants. Our journey will also take us to Jeddah, the sacred gateway to the western region, as we strive to reach one-third of the population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Central factories in major regions provide us with unlimited support, ensuring the product’s efficiency and the team’s expertise. We aspire to become a shining star in the baked goods market, a leader, and the fastest-growing brand in the Middle East for developing and innovating pastries and sweets.
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In a world where events are rapidly unfolding and companies in the food and bever- age sector are competing while everyone is looking for diversity, our idea comes simply to bring together diversity, competitive value in the market, and the highest quality.
This is where the concept of Food Court comes into play, combining all of the above without confining itself behind the scenes in a kitchen away from view. It presents more than one brand to become as close as possible to a one- stop destination, of- fering three brands with different concepts in the same location. This is where the values of food come to life
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Restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are among the finest in the world. To compete, you must provide quality blended with good hospitality and perfect taste.
Here, we invite you to Savor the rare and carefully selected Flavors of the sea, featur- ing some of the best international seafood dishes. This is what we offer with a skilled team that upholds global hospitality standards.
We began in the eastern part of the kingdom and received the admiration of a sig- nificant portion of our customers due to the diversity of Flavors that suit everyone.
Soon, we will expand to the heart of the capital and then to the western part of the kingdom to achieve the highest levels of your satisfaction and taste
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Lazeez company was established to provide drinks and snacks in Al-Khobar in 2024, specializing in providing snacks with high quality and competitive prices in a healthy, accessible environment.
The desired goal, during the year 2024, is to open 5 branches of Lazeez company, most of them in malls and entertainment areas, and to establish a special factory for the production of some retail items.
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